Thursday, April 14, 2011

Unleashing the Mama Bear

Today started off well enough.  The kids were happy.  I was being somewhat productive.  And I was happily riding that just went to confession high.  Then, it all came to a grinding halt at 1:25 when I picked up a crying Madeline from school.

One of the school paraprofessionals (that's the fancy name for lunch room/playground aide) questioned and accused Madeline of spreading a rumor about her friend.  Madeline told her she hadn't done that and the aide apparently didn't get the response she was looking for and informed Madeline that she would be escalating the matter to the head teacher.  So my poor child comes home to me a crying, sobbing mess.  Apparently, in the public school you are considered guilty no matter what, and Madeline is now convinced that she's going to get in trouble for something she didn't do.  Reason #523 why I'm glad we'll be homeschooling next year.

I called the school in total Mama Bear mode wanting to talk to the instigator aide but she had conveniently gone home for the day.  Isn't that always the way it is?  So I let them know that I was less than pleased with how things were handled.  While this school claims to be a school of character, I have insisted for the past four years that they're really a school of characters and I made it a point to tell the woman on the phone.  Not satisfied with my response from the office (the issue is being escalated to the principal since I threatened to take the matter to the school board and superintendent) I decided to let Madeline's teacher know what is going on and see if she knows anything about the rumor.  I also let her know that Madeline is not allowed to be questioned, interrogated without a parent present.

Then, I headed out to pick Ellie up from school.  No problems at the private school.  (I've said for years that when you write that check for tuition you're paying for peace of mind.)

I arrived home to a bunch of neighborhood kids telling me about some bullies who came around and taunted the kids while I was gone.  So now I sit here waiting for them to come back so I can unleash the Momma Bear on them.  It appears that they have selected the wrong day to come looking for trouble.

And so, I will now certainly have plenty to confess when I make it back to confession on Good Friday.  Sigh.  It never ends.  I suppose a day without sin simply isn't possible for me.   Even when I don't go looking for it, it still finds me.


  1. What a rough day! My husband works in a private Catholic school and situations created by a teacher or aide is always frustrating to everyone. I am very sorry you have to deal with that!

  2. You only did what any mum would have done! x


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