Thursday, February 18, 2016

Small Successes: February 18th

Celebrating the little things in life that add up...

1. Thanks to my $1 a load laundering service, I had a living room filled with several loads of clean laundry this morning.  I was feeling up to actually getting something accomplished, so I managed to get everything folded.  Ellie was nice and helped get some of the laundry sorted and she also put a good amount of it away for me.

2.  I have Katie set up to homeschool for kindergarten.  We've decided to have her do another year of pre-K three mornings a week so she's still interacting with her friends since being around the other kids seems to be doing wonders for getting her to talk.  I enrolled her with Seton for the upcoming school year and we already have all of her books.  So now I'll have plenty of time to start planning.  I think I'll probably start her some time in the late spring so I won't feel like anything has to be rushed on the days when she goes to pre-K.

3.  I finally made myself go to the craft store to buy the cording I needed to turn the new Jesus Tree set into ornaments.  I even started gluing the cording to the backs of the wooden discs.  I had forgotten how much I hate working with hot glue.  Several of my fingernails are now sporting a hot glue coating, but I managed to keep from burning my fingers badly.  I also found a cute little bendable tree in the Easter aisles of Target that I can use for the ornaments.

4.  I'm feeling mildly better today after making an effort to try to stop stressing and worrying over everything.  I've had a few moments where I'm having pain, like when the kids start bickering or when the baby starts having one of his tantrums.  So whatever is wrong with me, I suspect a lot of it is due to stress.  I'm trying very hard to relax, but I think after having a couple of very stressful months filled with illnesses and some decisions that will bring big changes in the fall, I just got to a point where the stress and worry overtook me.  I feel like I need a few days off to just take a break.

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