Wednesday, February 17, 2016

One Problem Ruled Out

I had the ultrasound done today to see if the pain I'm feeling on my right side is my gallbladder.  I was really surprised when I got a call from my doctor shortly after noon letting me know they received the results.  The good news is my gallbladder and liver are fine.  I'm very happy about that, because I figured I was either going to have several months of misery ahead of me, or would have to have surgery, which I'm not particularly a fan of having to go through that.

When I got home with a CD of the scans they did Bryan and I took a look at them and compared them to ones online.  We both thought my gallbladder looked normal, and I was starting to wonder just what could be making my side hurt.

I have a history of reflux and had the beginnings of an ulcer when I was 18.  I think it was all the result of me being as high strung as I am and just being very stressed.  Since that time I've tried to worry less, I watch the foods I eat to make sure they won't cause reflux and so on.  So on a whim, I decided to google ulcer and where I'm having pain.  All of my symptoms, including the ones that didn't get mentioned as being associated with gallbladder issues fall under that category, too.  Then I started thinking about how the acidic foods I've been eating this past week, that were supposed to be good for gallbladder issues, were making my side hurt more, even to the point of feeling like it was burning.  That's when I told Bryan I thought it was possible that I might really have a GI issue.

When the doctor's office called me it was to tell me that I need to see a GI doctor if I'm still having pain.  I spent almost an hour calling around trying to find someone who could see me in the next week or two.  It's near impossible.  After calling about seven offices I finally managed to get an early March appointment.  After I gave a bit more info on my present situation she decided that she was going to send a message to the office scheduler to see if she could get me in sooner.  So now I only have to wait until next Friday to see the doctor.  I'm hoping that they'll be able to give me something to give me some relief.  In the meantime, I'm going to try to relax a bit and stop worrying about what could be wrong.

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  1. I am keeping you in my prayers for a quick discovery and even quicker fix.


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