Thursday, February 27, 2014

Small Successes February 27th

Celebrating the little things in life that add up...
1. Yesterday morning I was pretty upset that the nursery bedding wasn't working on the crib right out of the package.  Nothing annoys me more than spending a nice amount of money on something (in this case an overpriced crib skirt) and then having to alter it.  I spent way too much time fretting and complaining about the crib skirt needing alterations yesterday afternoon.  Finally, after running it through the washer and dryer to see if it would shrink, I decided to try pinning it up to see if my thoughts on hemming from the top would work.  Washing it made the skirt lose 3/4 of an inch.  After I ironed it, I folded it up and under 1 1/2 inches (3 inches total) and pinned it into place.  After trying it out on the crib it was exactly where I wanted it and it was even all around.  I asked Bryan to lug my sewing machine from the laundry room and I decided I'd try to sew it.  Sometimes my machine likes to give me a hard time so I was preparing for a battle.  Fortunately the machine was already threadded with the color I wanted  andhad enough thread on the bobbin.  It probably took me 15 minutes total to sew all four sides and it came out looking just right.  Crisis averted.

2. The laundry is all caught up.  I spent a good amount of time on Monday and Tuesday getting the laundry situation under control.  Now, instead of having a mountain of laundry waiting for me every time I head into the laundry room I have just a few stray items that aren't enough to make a load sitting in a basket.  If I can stay on top of this it would be awesome.

3. My 30 week visit went really well today. The baby is head down and everything is looking good with him.  I still haven't actually written up my birth plan but I did go over my main points of concern with the doctor today.  He was just as receptive to what I want as the other doctors I've seen so far.  I also was telling him how I want out of the hospital ASAP after delivering the baby.  They're on board with discharing me within 6-8 hours after delivery provided we can get the pediatricians on board with letting the baby go home.  I called the peditrician's office today to see if we can set up a consult with the doctor we usually bring the girls to to see what he thinks.  The OB seems to think that as long as we have a plan in place to make sure the baby is brought in for the necessary bloodwork and is seen by the doctors the next day that we might be able to get out of the hospital quickly.  I can't express how much I don't even want to set foot in a hospital after my last hospital experience back in December.

4.  I organized a good portion of the basement last weekend.  I still have a lot to do down there but it's looking a lot better.

5.  It took about nine years, but we finally hung the Pooh Bear perpetual calendar that I bought before we moved to this house.  It looks nice on the family room wall.  (If I get a moment I'll update this with a picture.)

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