Thursday, February 13, 2014

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Yesterday Madeline decided to make herself a fruit salad for lunch.  Apparently I have driven her to a point where she hates pasta.  Most days I have a bowl of pasta for lunch.  At first, she would happily say yes if I asked her if she wanted any.  Now she's all about variety and not having pasta.  What she doesn't understand is I'm a creature of habit and I rather enjoy eating the same foods day after day.  When I get sick of them I move on to eating a different food every day for weeks, months or years.

Last Friday my mom and dad came up to visit with the girls.  They took Madeline and Ellie to see the Lego Movie and then went out for ice cream.  Katie was happy to have her PopPop draw pictures for her on her little MagnaDoodle.  She wasn't too happy when she realized that her big sisters were going somewhere with my parents.  However, it was nap time, so she got over it and was pretty excited to wake up from her nap and find that they came back with a chocolate ice cream for her .

Katie makes us laugh with her goofy fashion sense.  She found these goggles in Ellie's dresser and had to wear them.  What you can't see in this picture is that she had to wear two different shoes (she apparently can't decide which she likes best and opts to wear one of each) and two different hair clips.

Ellie made this snow man.  I was so impressed that each of the girls made rather sizeable snow men.  Ordinarily they only stay outside for about 15 minutes and they have never made big snowmen on their own. When I looked out back and saw two big snowmen I did a double take.  Unfortunately Madeline's snow man fell over before we could take a picture.  The snow was a very wet slushy type so the snowmen didn't stay standing for very long.  

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