Thursday, November 14, 2013

You know you have an awesome husband when...

I use Grammarly's grammar correction feature because having bad grammar is like washing dishes with no soap.  It just doesn't make sense.

I need to give a major shout out to Bryan that comes with some big awesome husband kudos.  All week long he's been getting up at 5:30AM and leaving for work only to return home around 8PM.  He's had a lot of important all day meetings with different vendors over the past month and it's not only exhausting for him, but it's pretty exhausting for me.  The kids and I are used to him working from home three days a week which clearly has us spoiled.

I had a bit of a melt down this evening.  Bryan was still working even though he thought he'd be home a bit earlier today.  The hand wash only pans and bakeware were piling up in the sink and we had no dish soap.  I was hungry and we had nothing good to eat and the baby was on a cry jag.  Also add in that I was exhausted and I haven't been feeling well.  Poor Bryan patiently let me complain to him via text and then over the phone as he made his way home.  I lamented that I really needed meat and have been dying for a filet mignon for the past six or seven weeks.

Now if I were Bryan, I'd have been a lot less patient and I certainly wouldn't have done what he did.  After a long day at work and a long commute he took a detour to the local grocery store to buy me a steak which he then had to prepare outside in forty some degree weather.  And to earn even more awesome husband bonus points, he even brought home two bottles of dish soap in the brand and scent that I like best (He did use a "phone-a-wife" life line to verify the brand and scent that I wanted.).  And the steak?  It was awesome.

So sorry, ladies, I'm keeping him.  I have a feeling that not all men would come home from a long day of work, stop at the grocery store and then grill up an amazing filet mignon for their complaining wife.  Clearly I'm helping him on his way to sainthood.


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