Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Found them!

After I blogged that last post Bryan walked in the door from a long day of work and I let him know that I was on the verge of either crying or having a major freak out because the SD card with Katie's second birthday pictures was MIA.  So before even getting a chance to sit down he helped me to find the memory card.  Everywhere I looked I found nothing but clutter and messes that needed to be addressed.  He managed to find the memory card in a pretty obvious spot: with the rest of my camera equipment.  I think he deserves some awesome husband points for saving the day.

So I can breathe a massive sigh of relief now.  Bryan insisted that I upload the pictures to my laptop right away.  As I scanned some of the images that were on the card I found pictures from our trip to the local pumpkin patch, both of Katie's parties and a series of pictures that make me so happy that we homeschool.

You see, in a regular middle school setting you don't have your parents goofing around with you while you take a test.  With homeschool, you might find that you have an inflatable pony inches away from your face as you take a vocabulary test.  So you really do have to learn how to concentrate and filter out even the most bizarre situations.  Life skills.  She's learning life skills and demonstrating that she can focus on academics even in odd situations.

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