Friday, February 22, 2013

Quick Takes Volume 60

I'm still on a bit of a cleaning spree and have been going through the house and deciding which things need to be donated, trashed or kept.  Last week I sort of went overboard with it and was driving myself and everyone else in the house crazy.  I got a bit of a reality check on Saturday morning when I took the kids to confession.  I was told the same thing Bryan had told me the night before almost word for word.  Bryan was amused to hear that Father said the same thing to me.  Sigh.  So I've eased up on the cleaning mission a bit.  I'm working on finding that "balance" between my neat freak tendencies and allowing people to actually "live" in the house.  On a side note, Ellie was THRILLED to go confession again and literally cut Madeline off and darted into the confessional where she remained for close to 15 minutes chatting with one of our favorite priests. She came out only seconds after I got out of the confessional which really caught me by surprise. [I felt like I was in there forever.] She has such an incredibly positive and upbeat attitude towards this sacrament which she attributes to something our pastor said to her class when they were preparing for first reconciliation.  I hope she never loses that perspective.

While cleaning out part of the basement utility closet today I came across some old pictures.  There were a bunch of pictures of my mother-in-law as a child, a few baby pictures of Bryan and his brother, and a wedding picture of his grandparents.  I thought the girls would like to see the picture of their great grandparents so I set that aside.
The girls just got home from school.  Madeline broke up a fight between two girls on the school bus by telling one of them to be the bigger person and then explaining what it meant.  The girl thought Madeline was telling her to be fat at first.  But Madeline's explanation of what it means to be a bigger person made sense to the girl and the argument was diffused.  I'm glad she has a good head on her shoulders.  

When I got home from Mass this morning Katie decided that she wanted to hang out in the dining room and do a bit of Lenten reading from the First Communion Catechism.  She cracks me up sometimes.

A couple of weeks ago Bryan brought some of those microwave mac and cheese things.  Katie has been all over them.  She thinks they're toys.  I think she's going to be upset when Bryan eats all of them and there are no more fun little shaker drums in the pantry.  Since I don't feed the kids mac and cheese she doesn't associate her "toy" with actual food.
I'm looking forward to the return of Duck Dynasty.  Bryan and I just started watching it about a month ago.  We caught up on all of the first two seasons and are ready for more.  Bryan likes the show so much that I was able to convince him to say grace before dinner each night during Lent Phil style.  Some of them have been very odd graces and some of them are quite funny, but I'll take it.  Honestly, it's the only time I've ever heard him say any sort of prayer outside of Mass.
Now that I've managed to get myself up and ready a few times a week to go to 8am Mass, I'm wondering if Katie would behave if I were to start bringing her with me the two days a week that Bryan goes into the office.  I'd love to be able to go to Mass every day.  I've been reluctant to bring Katie since she made quite a commotion when I took her to a daily Mass back in the fall.

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