Friday, December 28, 2012

Quick Takes Volume 55

I was just telling Bryan that I was thinking about what I was going to blog for this edition of Quick Takes and he suggested that I blog about him.  So I think I'll do that for at least a couple of these takes.  As soon as I started typing away I think he realized that he got his wish.  He's not feeling so good about this suggestion.

If I'm writing about Bryan, I guess I should tell you that he tossed on his spiffy new sweatpants that one of the girls got him for Christmas and headed into the back yard to suck up the leaves with his awesome leaf blower/sucker.  The yard is looking pretty good, by the way.

Bryan keeps telling me about the possibility of us getting snow this weekend.  I don't like to hear things like that so I keep refusing to acknowledge the possibility.  To make sure he's not stuck with snow on the ground and a snow blower that doesn't want to start (this happened to him two years ago) he got the snow blower up and running.  It just needs to move to the garage.

Bryan is feeling more self conscious about me writing about him so I think I'll keep going with the Bryan themed quick takes.

Recently someone insinuated that I have "a lot of personalities" so Bryan and I have been joking around about it.  We have a lot of nicknames for ourselves and the kids so Bryan decided to write my gift tags out to my different personalities for Christmas.  I especially like the one for Brunhilda.  That's my newest alter-ego.  She's strong like bull and built like an ox. 

From the time I was six years old, my mom and dad used to take me to Disney World every year.  One of my favorite rides was Mister Toad's Wild Ride.  I was so sad when they removed it several years back to make way for the Pooh Bear ride that is there now.  I noticed while we were on the Pooh Bear ride that there was a Mr. Toad "Easter egg" in the ride.  It was a portrait of Mr. Toad looking rather stately.  Bryan and I got to head out to Downtown Disney one night while my mom and dad watched the girls so we could do some souvenir/Christmas shopping for the girls.  Bryan thought we should look for something Mr. Toad for me since I had no intentions of getting anything for myself beyond a magnet.  We were in the Art of Disney Store when Bryan spotted this print of Mr. Toad.  Right away he told me he was buying it for me for Christmas.  As soon as I get out the hammer and a nail it will be hanging in our bedroom.

On Christmas Day Bryan made yet another delicious turkey.  This one was practically swimming in butter. [My CCD kids would tell you that I am frequently praising God for his amazing gift of butter.]  Look at all buttery the drippings are and this is just the baking sheet he moved it to so he could carve it.  He added two lemons to the 20lb bird so the turkey had a subtle lemon taste to it.  YUM!

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