Sunday, December 23, 2012

Our Festivus Miracles

Today is Festivus.It's a made up secular holiday where you are supposed to sit around the aluminum Festivus pole* and air your grievances.  It's also a day filled with "Festivus miracles" which are easily explained events.  When it comes to Festivus, I prefer to celebrate it by pointing out the Festivus miracles.  I think Bryan got to spend a little bit of time doing the airing of grievances thing earlier in the day when he was on the phone with a family member.  But let's not worry about that, here are some of the day's Festivus miracles:

I started to develop a migraine just before lunch today.  I thought I was going to be in pain for the rest of the day, but I took some Advil, drank a lot of juice to make sure I was well hydrated, and moved away from the window there the sun was streaming in full force.  Within an hour or so I was feeling a bit better.  Then I got to take a nap for a couple of hours while Katie napped.  Clearly this was a Festivus miracle of the best kind.

Bryan took the older girls to the grocery store to pick up a few items that we need for Christmas dinner.  Bryan couldn't find the lemons, but a Festivus miracle occurred and Madeline, knowing that lemons are yellow, found them and pointed them out to her confused father.  Somehow Bryan momentarily forgot what color lemons are.  Madeline had a good time teasing Bryan about it for most of the day.

I was able to put tags and bows on the gifts for Bryan and the girls.  I was even able to relocate everything to the basement closet completely undetected.  A Festivus miracle, indeed! [I did all of this while Katie napped and Bryan and the older girls were at the store.]


We won the honor of Best Christmas Card from our friends.  Out of 20 cards Alex and Kelly chose our card as the best.  We saw pictures of some of the competition so I'm certain this was a Festivus miracle.

Bryan vowed never to do business with our favorite pizza place again after they screwed up an order we had placed for our gingerbread decorating party.  In what can only be described as a Festivus miracle, he forgave them their massive mistake and placed an order for two of the best looking pizzas we have ever gotten from them.  Praise God!  I will not have to live life with Pizza Heaven exiled from our take out options!

It appears that Madeline has outgrown a lot of her tops.  After she left to go to youth group, the rest of us went to Old Navy in search of clothing that would fit her.  I found a few things I think she will like.  The Festivus miracle occurred when an associate called us over to another register and I noticed that someone left their Old Navy coupon mailer by the credit card machine.  So I saved $15 since someone was nice enough to leave their coupon on the counter for the rest of us to use.  I put it back in the same spot to help facilitate a Festivus miracle for someone else.

*I was talking to one of the girls at Starbucks last week and she told me she thought she saw a Festivus pole at Spencers [I didn't realize those stores still existed].  I told her I thought that was odd since Festivus is not meant to be commercialized at all.  I guess someone missed that detail when they came up with Festivus merchandise.

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