Sunday, December 9, 2012

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} Gingerbread House Party

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This year we hosted our first ever gingerbread house decorating party for Ellie's soccer team and it was a hit!  I'm a bit of an obsessive neat freak and I have shied away from having such a party at my house because I was worried about the mess and the possibility of kids going wild on a sugar high.  I was shocked that the kids were incredibly neat and calm.  They were so focused on building their houses that the parents kept remarking about how quiet the kitchen was despite the fact that we had ten children in the room.

I had a bit of fun laying out the graham cracker gingerbread houses, icing and candies before the party started.  I think the table looked quite pretty.

Madeline was very happy to finally be able to design her gingerbread house.

Ellie takes decorating a gingerbread house VERY seriously.

See that container in the left hand picture?  That was a full bottle of sugar pearls before Ellie used about 95% of it on her house.  I have to say her house was rather impressive, but I felt bad that most of the other kids didn't have a chance to use sugar pearls especially since one of our guests brought them to the party.

The kids really did a great job at decorating their houses.  Can you believe that some of these houses were done by first time gingerbread house decorators?  All of the kids had a great time and I hope they will have some fond memories of this party as they grow older.  The party went so well that I told Bryan I think I'd like to host one every year.  It was well worth the effort it took to construct a dozen houses before hand.

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