Monday, December 24, 2012

A New Take on the 7 Fishes

If you're Italian or have married into an Italian family, you're probably familiar with the 7 fishes Christmas Eve dinner tradition that many of these families have.  Bryan has an aunt who does a dinner like this every Christmas Eve.  I don't eat any sort of seafood, so I've always found this sort of dinner to be rather unappealing (I really can't stand the smell of seafood and hate being around it.  We'll pack up and go if we're eating out and the table next to us gets a bunch of seafood.  The smell of it really turns my stomach.), but I always appreciated that they made something with chicken so I'd have something to eat when we would go there.

Bryan and I were joking earlier today that we should do our own variation on this 7 fishes tradition.  What we came up with sent us to Target this afternoon.  We did a snack/dessert them using various Goldfish crackers and Swedish Fish candies.  It was a real hit with the girls and I think it's safe to say it will be a new Christmas Eve tradition in our house.

So if you're anti-seafood like me or just want to do add a fun snack option to your real 7 fishes dinner, give this neat idea a whirl.  I put all of our fish in clear bowls, but using real fish bowls would be a cute idea, too.

For our 7 Fishes dessert we used chocolate, chocolate chip and vanilla cupcake flavored Goldfish graham crackers, pretzel Goldfish, red and green cheddar Goldfish, and Swedish Fish.  If we had though of this idea a few days ago we could have made some fish shaped sugar cookies.

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