Friday, October 26, 2012

Our Garage Snake

This evening when we came home from the store I spotted a little snake in the garage right next to a pile of some of the kids outdoor toys.  He was a tiny little thing about the width and length of a new pencil.

At the time Bryan and I weren't sure what kind of snake it was so I grabbed my phone, snapped a few pictures and told Bryan how I thought the Croc Hunter would handle this tiny little snake.

We had a bit of trouble figuring out how to pick the little guy up and relocate him to the lawn, but we managed to scoop him up with a leaf and put him in a little bowl.
I went online, typed in his characteristics: black snake with orange ring behind his head and orange belly.  Turns out what we had in our garage is a ringneck snake.  He's non-venomous so I probably would have been ok to pick him up and pet him--Bryan would have freaked out, I'm sure.

I decided to name him Little Snakey-hoo.  Yes, a few years ago Ellie subjected me to way too many hours of Wonder Pets and I blame that show for Snakey-hoo's name.  This is precisely why I do not allow Katie to watch TV during the day.

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