Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Book Review: Imagination Station Battle for Cannibal Island

My seven year old daughter and I recently had the opportunity to one of the latest books in the Imagination Station series, Battle for Cannibal Island.This was my seven year old's first experience with an Imagination Station book and she really enjoyed it.

In Battle for Cannibal Island Beth and Patrick are transported on to a ship off the coast of Fiji in the 1850s.  In this adventure, which kept my daughter wanting to know what would happen next, the main characters meet missionary James Calvert and learn about how he worked to convert the cannibals on the island.

In previous reviews I had likened the Imagination Station to the Magic Tree House series.  My older daughter read many of those books independently and also likened this series to that one.  I recently read a Magic Tree House book with my seven year old and have come to the conclusion that while there are some similarities between the two, that it is unfair for me to compare the Imagination Station series to Magic Tree House.  I have come to the conclusion that the Imagination Station series has better writing hands down.  While you'll find sentence fragments passed off as sentences throughout the Magic Tree House books you won't find incomplete sentences in the Imagination Station books.  As a parent who firmly believes that children who read good quality writing will become good quality writers themselves I feel good about sending my child off to read with a book from this series.  As for the other series, I have decided that we won't be reading them anymore since the writer and her editors don't know how to formulate complete sentences.

One thing that I really appreciate about the Imagination Station series is the way it weaves solid Christian values into the story line.

If you are looking for a good series of books for children who are just staring out with chapter books, then this just might be the series for you.  After reading this book my daughter was asking me if we had anymore books like this that she could read.

I was provided with a review copy of this book by the publisher, Tyndale, in exchange for my honest review.

Check back next week when I review the next book in this series for a chance to win a copy of this and one other Imagination station book!

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