Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Katie is Two Thirds!

Or eight months old if you want to count like normal people.  I have a tendency to think in terms of fractions, so often I look at how old she is in terms of how many weeks or months out of a year or just the fraction of her first year that she has completed.  Two thirds.  In less than four months I will have a one year old.  I never cease to be amazed at how quickly time slips away.

At eight months old Katie is quite the busy girl.  She began crawling about two weeks ago and since then there really has been no stopping her.

I am Katie, hear me meow!
She's trying her best to stand up on her own.  I've found her trying to pull or push herself up to standing in some unexpected places.

 Her favorite past time is pulling the diapers out of the diaper basket.  This delightful game entails Katie systematically taking the diapers out of the basket one at a time, examining it, tossing it behind her on the floor and then repeating the process.  Since she discovered how much fun diapers can be, the diapers have been a lot more rumpled.  Many of them feel like they have that lived in feel when I put them on her these days.

She loves books, too.  Leave one out and she'll quickly crawl to it so she can examine it.  A few catalogs have met their demise at the hands of Kitty Katkins, but thus far the books have suffered only one casualty--a ripped page.

Katie has a decided opinion about being photographed.  In short, she's not having it.  She will go from smiling to scowling or sticking out her tongue faster than the camera shutter on it's fastest speed once she spots the camera encroaching on her territory.  As soon as I put the camera away she always goes back to happily smiling.
Not going to smile for you, Mommy!
I can roll my tongue!  Still not going to smile.
You really need to give up, Mommy!

I call this my "pfffft!" look.  Do you like it?

Occasionally, Katie will be so happy that I am able to get a few pictures of the smiling happy baby that I get to see when I'm not behind the camera the majority of the time.

It appears that my best chances of capturing a happy Katie is when she's in her high chair waiting for food.  She loves food so there are usually lots of big smiles involved.

I wouldn't want Katie to know this, but sometimes I get some pictures that I love when she's being stubborn about me taking pictures.  While I would have loved a picture of her looking at me and smiling, I also love this profile shot of her.
I'm looking forward to what this next month brings in terms of milestones for Katie.  I have a feeling she'll pull out a few new tricks.  I'm sure we'll have lots of fun as we watch our sweet little one transition from being two thirds to three quarters of a year old!

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