Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Small Successes May 10th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. My whole house purge continues.  On Tuesday, I went through the master bathroom cabinets and linen closet.  I tossed a lot of stuff and managed to create enough room in the closet that we can now store towels in our closet.  Previously it was filled with a lot of my stuff that almost never got used.  I've been wanting to store towels in the closet since we moved here nearly five years ago so I'm happy that it's finally a reality.

2. A few nights ago I decided that I needed to organize the kitchen cabinet where I store medicines and baking supplies.  I was tired of opening the door and having things fall out at me.  The cake decorating stuff was the worst, and since I asked my mom and dad to buy me some more cake decorating tips for my birthday, I knew I needed to straighten the cabinet before I add more stuff to it.  I grabbed a snapware container that I had sitting unused in the basement and found that it was perfect for storing all my cake decorating things.

3.  On Friday last week I got a letter from our parish school.  Ellie got accepted for next year.  I'm so excited that the girls will go to the same school for the next three years.  I've never had them both in the same school.  I'm thrilled at the idea them going to school at the same time.  I think this will simplify our mornings and afternoons.  I'm also looking forward to them wearing uniforms.  Neither of them will have an excuse to try on multiple outfits in the morning which should streamline the morning routine.

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  1. good job on the whole house purge! we are doing the same thing must be this time of the year.


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