Friday, May 4, 2012

Quick Takes Volume 35

Katie and I are both sick with a nasty cold.  She has been quite the cranky girl all week.  I succumbed to her cold on Wednesday and have been progressively getting worse each day.   I'm becoming a cranky mommy as a result.
High on my wish list for today is eating my lunch while it's hot (if applicable) without someone putting her snotty hands in my food.  Katie's lunch radar has gone off everyday this week despite me trying to throw her off by eating a different times hoping to eat in peace.  Bryan's working from home today and I'm hoping I can just eat my food without screaming, crying or little hands squishing what I'm about to eat.
It looks like we've got yet another busy weekend ahead of us.  The girls have soccer games on Saturday and Sunday, we've been invited to two first communion parties (depending on how I feel we may be able to make one of them), and I have to teach my last religious ed class for the year.  Actually, the children in my class and Ellie's class are doing a show for the parents, so I'm probably not going to have any time to teach a lesson this week.  I can't believe the religious ed school year is already drawing to a close.
Bryan has been shopping Madeline around to different soccer clubs.  The two that she has tried out with already have both shown enough of an interest in her to call Bryan and ask if she would come back so they could get a second look at her.  Tonight she's going to go practice with one of the teams.  She was supposed to try out at another soccer club tonight, but this team is better than the one she was going to try out for tonight.  I hope we know soon where she'll be playing next year.
Ellie spent Monday and Tuesday at our local parish school so she could get the know the school and so they could evaluate her.  It's looking like both Madeline and Ellie will be going to the same school next year.  I've never had both girls in the same school at the same time so the prospect of this [and uniforms] really has me excited.  Having to pay tuition, on the other hand, does not have me quite as excited.
I'm still trying to purge excess stuff from our house.  We really have too much stuff.  I cleaned out a small portion of my bedroom closet and I worked on boxing up some of the items that I need to take to GoodWill.  I'm hopeful that we can purge a lot of unnecessary items over the next few months.

The weather forecast says it's supposed to be warm here starting today and through next week.  That has my thoughts turning to Summer clothes.  I'm don't wear shorts.  I can't stand the way they look on me and have opted for long pants or capris during the warmer months for years. Now I'm trying to find cute skirts that I can add to my summer wardrobe.  I spent most of last summer in skirts when I was pregnant and I'm looking forward to another summer of skirts.  I found this cute linen khaki one at Coldwater Creek that I need to go pick up today.  It's cute for someone who's in her early 30's, right?  If it screams 50+ please let me know in the comments.  Coldwater Creek is Bryan's aunt's favorite store which is why I ask.


  1. Sooooo cute! You can't go wrong with that skirt!

  2. Coldwater Creek is a good brand- just steer clear of kitty sweatshirts ;)

    1. Duly noted, LOL! I won't pick up any sweaters with pumpkins, Christmas trees, or apples on them either just to be sure I don't cross that line.


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