Thursday, February 2, 2012

{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...

Pretty girl chewing on her favorite octopus toy.


A big smile from a happy girl.

Ellie loves Tostitos and Oscar is quite the hopeful dog.

Katie started sticking out her tongue right around the time when Madeline and Ellie saw what the bib said.  There was a bit of back and forth questioning where the girls tried to find out who was the star of the blog.

Katie has been exhausting me this week.  She had a few days where she wouldn't nap unless she was in my arms.  I think she has a bit of a cold.  Her expression in this picture pretty much sums up how I feel at the moment.
round button chicken


  1. Aw, what sweet photos. Sorry about the fussy baby - that's hard. I hope she's feeling better soon!

  2. I like seeing pictures of your girls - they're so cute. I hope things will calm down for you soon!

  3. Such cute kids! God bless you and your family!


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