Friday, December 9, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 21

Katie slept in her crib for a little over seven hours last night.  The night before she slept for nearly eight hours, but that was in the playard and then the bassinet.  Bryan had been a little nervous about her sleeping upstairs in her crib since she's not a back sleeper.
Bryan, Katie and I attended the Principal's List breakfast at Madeline's school.  It was a zoo there.  Every time I visit the middle school I'm convinced even more that they aren't incredibly organized.
I'm coming close to being able to write a few book reviews.  I just need to find some time to write them.  I keep waiting for a hour or so when the house is quiet and I have nothing else to do, but I'm starting to think that's just not going to happen.
I'm on the fence about when we should put up our big Christmas tree.  Ordinarily I would have it up for the first Sunday in Advent, but I've been putting it off since the baby's playard is in the spot where the tree will go and it's something we still use everyday.  I'm leaning towards putting it up either this Sunday or the following one.
I think I've come down with another cold.  I feel like I just got over being sick a couple of weeks ago and now I'm sick again.  I'm hoping I'll feel better soon.  I don't want to spend another two weeks with a sore throat and congestion.
This weekend is our first soccer-free weekend since September.  We don't have any plans at the moment, but I'm sure we'll think of something to do.  
I think we're nearing a point where I'm going to have to do a toy purge.  Every time I go down to the basement and see the playroom I want to scream.  Sometimes the mess is so bad I do scream.  I keep telling the girls they need to clean up their messes and get in the habit of making sure their are no small pieces on the floor but they continually disregard what I say.  One day they're going to come home and find that Barbie and her plethora of accessories have been relocated to the trash can.  The funny thing is I don't think the girls really even play with these toys.  I think they just scatter them and walk away.  I know the wooden blocks and legos get played with and the kitchen and pretend food also see ample play time, but I think the rest of the stuff is just there to make a mess.


  1. Yay for Katie being a good sleeper!
    Suggestion my sister did re: small pieces, big kids and babies ~ in her case Polly Pockets ~ they were stored up and away so when my niece wanted to play with them my sister knew to keep the baby away and when they were done playing it was picked up and stored out of easy reach again.

  2. I know what you mean about the tree dilemma... I have a one year old and not only his her jump-a-roo where the tree usually goes but I know she's just going to want to eat all the needles, the ornaments, the lights... basically, she's going to have to stay out of the living room. :-/ But we can't just not get a tree!

    I'm a new follower from Catholic Mothers Online. Please feel free to come by my blog and if you like, follow me back. :o)

    For Love of Cupcakes


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