Saturday, December 24, 2011

The Blab

Ever since I was a child, I have been a notorious blabber mouth.  I have the hardest time keeping gifts a secret.  In an effort to keep Bryan's gifts a secret I have wrapped most of them in boxes that disguise what is inside.  It's a tactic that helps me a bit.  When it comes to gifts for the kids I try to stick with telling them we're buying stupid things that no kid would want such as toilet paper and soap.

Tonight has been a particularly difficult night for me and keeping secrets.  First, I nearly blabbed to Bryan that I brought him the sauce he likes for wings when Ellie scurried up to my bedroom on a covert mission to hide a gift Bryan bought at Buffalo Wild Wings when he picked up our take out order.  I so badly wanted to tell him that I was just there yesterday and got the sauce he and I like.  Keeping my mouth shut has been incredibly difficult for me.  I know if I tell him I got the sauce for him and me (we like different ones) that it will spoil the surprise of what he got for me.  It seems that it's nearly impossible for him to surprise me when it comes to gift giving.  Either I guess it or the girls blab. (Wonder where they got that trait!)  Even worse, was the fact that I left the link open on my laptop with the temporary membership pass to the aquarium.  I'm hoping that Madeline didn't notice it when she was getting ready to watch the Advent Adventure videos for tonight, but the slightly surprised look on her face makes me wonder if I ruined my brother's surprise for the girls.  He got us a family membership to the aquarium for Christmas and he wrapped up a printout of the temporary pass for them.

I need to make it another thirty or so hours without blabbing.  At this point I'm hoping I don't reveal anymore gifts.  If only I could keep a straight face when people try to guess what I got for them I'd be in good shape.


  1. I hope you made it! You're in the home stretch!

    I'm horrible about it too! I always spill...

  2. hay now! in our house, TP and soap are top commodities. poopy koopinski's and all :) hahahahaha! i have suuuuch a hard time keeping gifts a secret. matter of fact, this year, i gave everything to alex about a month early. which ornament and a hat for alex to open on christmas day. LOL! the gifts all sound awesome though! i hope you guys had a wonderful christmas!!!


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