Thursday, August 18, 2011

Small Successes-August 18th


Celebrating the little things in life that add up.

1. Call it nesting, call it frenzied purging and cleaning, but this past weekend I spent most of Friday night and Saturday morning organizing the garage.  I simply got tired of waiting for Bryan to get around to it.  I went through the containers that had some college and high school books and notebooks and found plenty to recycle.  I also managed to gather up plenty of old toys and household items that will be finding new homes once they've been donated to Goodwill or some other charity.  I even found a few items that we can currently use in the process.  The garage isn't totally organized yet, but it's getting there.  I'm sure I'll be out there again cleaning like a crazy nesting pregnant woman.  I am very happy that I was able to get both of my new strollers out of the house and stored in the garage.  Now I just need to bring myself to part with one or two of my ten year old strollers.  Convince me that I really don't NEED five strollers for one child.  I do know that I am hanging on to three of them no matter what.

2.  Despite a total deluge on Saturday, we managed to safely make it to my cousin's wedding/renewal ceremony.  Ellie was one of the flower girls and she did a meticulous job carefully making sure the white runner was evenly sprinkled with rose petals.  It was funny how serious she was about doing her job.

3.  I forgot to mention it last week, but Ellie is now riding a bike without training wheels.  She still needs help getting started, but she can ride a couple hundred feet at a time on her own before she starts to get wobbly.  I've been meaning to blog about this since Wednesday of last week and I kept forgetting.   We're hoping she'll learn how to push off and start pedaling sometime during the next week.  I'm very excited for her.  She's not exactly thrilled that riding a two wheeler means she's going to have to exert energy and go for bike rides around the neighborhood with Bryan and Madeline.  I thought she would have been really excited about that since she always wants to go with them.

4. I added more finishing touches to the nursery on Saturday.  The walls are looking more inviting.  I also found a book bin and a shelf for the baby's room.  They're both scheduled to be delivered today, so I suspect they will be on the walls by this weekend or before.  I'm really impressed with how well the room is coming together.  I had my doubts that I could take this particular room and arrange it to fully meet my needs because of it's size, but I've managed to make it work.  Now I need to focus on getting a ceiling fan and someone to install it and a switch for the wall.


  1. WOW! What an awesome week of successes! Cleaning out the garage alone & not pregnant was tough enough for me. Way to go!

    BTW - I tagged you in a meme on my blog. Feel free to participate if you'd like:

  2. we have a stroller problem too. But no garage to put them in. And between DH and I we can justify all of them :-/
    congrats on such a productive week!


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