Monday, June 20, 2011

Tired of Anti-Children People

This will likely come across as a rant, but I'm sick of anti-children people.  For the past month my mom has been pushing me to RSVP for my cousin's fiancee's shower that takes place late next month.  My main reason for dragging my feet was I suspected that my girls wouldn't be allowed to attend.  I suspected this simply because I know they're not invited to the wedding reception.  Anyway, my mom, and my aunt [the mother of the groom], wanted me to just bring the girls to the shower.  I called tonight and asked if I could bring them.  Instead of getting an answer on the spot, she asked for my email address and told me she needed to call the bride's mother since she's paying for the fire hall bridal shower.  I just got my answer.  Unless I don't have a babysitter, they don't want my girls there because then they'd have to let other people bring their kids.  Do you think the mother of the bride is telling her daughters-in-law not to bring their daughters?  I suspect they'll be there.

On some level I think if you are asking me to take time out of my Sunday to sit in going home from the shore traffic while nearly seven months pregnant to attend a poorly timed "give-me-a-gift event" the least you can do is let me bring my children.  Perhaps I'll just stay home and relax by the pool.

It just really irks me how some people act like having children around is such a burden.

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