Friday, June 10, 2011

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round button chicken

Capturing moments in our life....


A glimpse at the baby's nursery.


I found a dress to wear to my cousin's wedding/renewal in August.  The best part?  I got this dress for $17.60.


A couple of Christmases ago my mom gave me this weather station thing where I can see what the temperature is outside.  The unit I keep in my bedroom has this woman who thinks it's time to start taking her clothes off as soon as we hit 47.  This morning out porch was a nice cool 74 degrees (compared to yesterday's 98), but Miss Weather Girl is wearing far less clothing than I'd dare to wear.  Something about her makes me wonder if she's a "working girl."


My baby graduated from kindergarten this Tuesday.  This past school year went by in a flash.


  1. you look radiant! the nursery precious! congrats to Ellie for graduating kindergarten! it does go by too fast!

    LOL with the weather station; very unique!


  2. The dress looks great.Graduations are always bittersweet.

    I'd like to invite you to participate in Sunday Snippets--A Catholic Carnival, which is a weekly gathering where Catholic bloggers share their best with each other. This week's edition is at

  3. Hi Karen,

    Your blog is so pretty! I'm enjoying looking around. Your picture is so lovely, you look great!

    The nursery is serene, certainly a good spot for your new one, fresh from God.

  4. Hey Girl!! It's MIA woman here again!! :)

    First look radiant and so gorgeous! You need to post more pics of you...I never see you enough and your sidebar pics are so small!

    I LOVE LOVE the nursery. What a peaceful place to bond with your newest daughter. What a treasure!

    I'm CRACKING up at your weather girl...hysterical! What a conversation starter. HA! I need one for the laugh!

    Many hugs and love to you...catching up reading and posting myself! Email me lol! I seem to just be getting behind on blogs!


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