Sunday, May 30, 2010

Not My Brightest Idea

While all the other people are out doing things like swimming, attending Memorial Day Weekend BBQs and relaxing on the beach, I chose to trim the overgrown hedges, by hand in 90 degree heat.  I now feel lightheaded and exhausted.  Normal moms would run to a quiet room and eat chocolate or read a book, but not me.  I needed some time to myself so I picked up my hedge trimmers and tried to give myself heat exhaustion.  Sometimes I wonder about myself.

Life is still in a state of mild chaos and the "fun" keeps coming.  We discovered termites in what is to be my new garden yesterday.  I long for a quiet week.

1 comment:

  1. Coming out of babydom to say HI and take a break girl!!! Much love to ya!

    Oh - I did answer that carseat question you had for me...don't know if you ever saw it! But yes, she had the lap booster but had unhinged herself in the garage already. I'm the SAME way!

    Love your funny entries! Enjoy your summer!


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