Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Natural Sarcasm

I have a natural gift of sarcasm.  I'm aware that sarcasm isn't exactly an endearing trait, and when possible, I try to rein it in.  Much of the time I will keep my sarcastic comments to myself and say nothing aloud.  Of course, sometimes I can't help myself and the sarcasm just flows unapologetically.

I was running out of cranberry juice and other food items and so I had no choice but to leave the comforts of my nice dry home and venture out into the rainy weather to procure food.  My first stop was BJ's Warehouse Club. I buy my juice in bulk since I drink it in bulk.  Other people have coffee, I have cranberry juice.  On our way out of the store Ellie happily ran up to the woman who has to check our cart and punch our receipt.  Nothing says "We trust our customers!" like the mandatory cart/receipt check on your way out.  So the checker tells Ellie that she has a cute shirt but it's for the wrong team.  It literally took half a second for me to register what she said, notice her Canadiens tee and respond that "She likes teams that win."  My comment was met with a "We'll see after tonight's game." to which I laughed.  As I passed, she commented to the man next to her that her team got slaughtered by them [the Flyers] on Sunday.  Two nights ago the Flyers spanked the Canadiens in their first game of the series. In our home, we're hoping to see that repeated three more times.

On my way to the car I found myself wondering if I had been too uncharitable.  I didn't mean to come across the way that I did, but maybe she deserved it for picking on a 4 year old's shirt.  Quite frankly, I think her rhinestone "I *heart* Flyers" shirt was pretty cute.  Bryan would be proud of me for defending the Flyers.

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  1. I wouldn't think anything of it... Up in this neck of the woods it's a huge bear-packer thing going on. Stuff like that is said all the time, I don't think anything of it. LOL


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