Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Words You Wish You Hadn't Heard

I think when you get handed the job of Mom you realize that the child entrusted to you care may come out with some statements here and there that will give you pause.  Sometimes it's in the form of the child telling an unknown man that he looks like a peanut, even it if didn't sound like she said peanut.  Other times it's the child saying something that you simply didn't want to know.

Yesterday I walked by the dog crate and saw Ellie crouched behind it hiding from me. (She was playing Hide 'n Seek, I was not.)  Oscar was happily sitting in his crate looking out at me.  A few seconds after I passed the crate, Ellie made an announcement.  Apparently, she wasn't just hiding behind the crate, she was investigating.  In her delightfully obnoxious voice Ellie loudly proclaimed "Mommy, Oscar's butt smells bad!"  Yes, another string of five words I wish I had never heard come out of the mouth of my child.  It's not that the sentence itself is bad, but rather the fact that I now know that my child took it upon herself to sniff the dog's hind end.  Ugh!  I just wish she had kept that information to herself.

1 comment:

  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!!!! your family makes me smile :)


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