Thursday, March 11, 2010

Keeping the Neighbors Amused

While it's true that the diabolical Mr. Furkins, my ever faithful and willing scapegoat, doesn't listen to me when we're in the house or on a rare walk, he does however listen to me when I call him in from the back yard.  It's something Bryan remarks on frequently.  He can stand at the sliding glass door calling his furry friend inside and most of the time Bryan will have to actually go outside to get him to listen.  It amazes Bryan that all I have to do is open the door, call him and within seconds Oscar comes trotting in the door.

What's my secret?  I stand by the door and in a very high pitched voice I shout "Inside Mr. Furkins, nyip, nyip, nyip!"  It's very obnoxious and it echos through the back yard, but it works every time.  I'm sure the way I call him doesn't have half as much to do with getting him in the door as the consequences for not listening.  I had too many cold and rainy days where Mr. Furkins decided he wasn't going to listen when I called him, so I decided rather than go out in the cold to get him that I would simply close the door and wait a while before offering him the comfort of inside.  It didn't take long for the dog to wise up and come every time I call.  On the rare occasions when he doesn't come when called he will find himself waiting a good while for a second invite.

Today our neighbors out back were in their yard when I went to call Oscar in side just a few minutes ago.  I think Joe got a good chuckle out of his crazy neighbor who sounds like a lunatic when she calls the dog.  I saw a look of amusement creep across his face once I called for the dog.  It was one of those moments where I felt the need to go outside and explain that I call the like that because it seldom fails to get results, and to remind him that I'm aware that I am that crazy neighbor who does goofy things.  It's all good. I could be an angry or mean crazy neighbor, but instead I'm the delightfully insane neighbor who you can at least laugh at, and in most cases, I'll be laughing along with you.

Maybe some day I'll do a video of my Oscar call and post it here so you can all hear how ridiculous it sounds.


  1. I would love to have a fun lunatic neighbor like you. Then I wouldn't be the only fun lunatic in the area. As it is I have drama filled neighbors from hell. I pray for them and beg God to help me either live peacefully despite the trouble they cause or have them all leave (so far 2 have moved and 1 is moving soon, that just leaves 1 more. Praise God!). I would love to see a video of that call. It sounds hilarious.

  2. I would enjoy seeing a video; sounds like you got a system that worked for you to get Oscar inside the house. I have to resort to treats to get the corgi to come in



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