Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cue the Darth Vader Music

Darth Vader's music just has that aura of impending doom. I think that music is appropriate for today.  Last night Ellie began to act sick.  She spilled her full cup of apple juice across the kitchen table. Twice.  Then she fell asleep on the couch before bedtime.  That was followed by a disoriented journey up to her room to get ready for bed and culminated in an accident.  Apparently she mistook the instruction to go potty for "go potty after you get in bed."  The hours between 5:30 and 8:30PM last night were very long, and I have still not recovered from the messes that resulted during that time frame.  I am happy to say that I did not lose my cool and get bent out of shape about any of the minor mishaps.

Ellie greeted Bryan this morning with the dreaded "my throat hurts."  My throat still hurts and Bryan is still taking antibiotics for his bout with strep throat.  Since she's well beyond the incubation period for strep, I doubt she has that.  In talking to the neighbors, I think what she may have is a strain of the stomach virus.  Some in our neighborhood have started off with a fever and sore throat that is followed by a day of vomiting.  I have a bad feeling my child who doesn't want to eat, unless you count the sour cream and onion Pringles she just ate for breakfast a few minutes ago as eating, is about to join the ranks of the upchuck brigade.

I'm still feeling unwell.  My day of neglecting housework so I could focus on resting didn't do me too much good yesterday.  Last night's soccer practice brought a fresh load of dirt into my house, so I'll be sweeping, mopping and vacuuming up the dirt trail my husband kindly made for me this morning.  The man walked through the kitchen, down the hall, up the stairs, down the hall and back, into the bedroom and master bath and back down the stairs.  I easily have 70 feet of dirt tracks to clean. Sigh.  Here's hoping there will be no vomit trail to go with it.

I even had to call and ask for a sub for my CCD class tonight.  I can't drag Ellie out so I can teach a class if she's not feeling well.  I guess it's a good thing I wrote up a lesson plan last night.

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