Monday, November 9, 2009

Ooh! I remembered!

Ok, so this isn't an earth shattering post, but it amuses me. I am forever making fun of Bryan for watching horrible movies of the 80's and occasionally the 70's. Since I had a rather sheltered existence as a child, I am not familiar with many of the litany of bad 80's movies Bryan fondly remembers and can't believe I've never heard of or seen.

This Saturday as I was sitting around trying to relax before my weekly hour of "let's see what I can do to torment Mommy in public" also known as going to Mass alone with the kids (No, I'm not the least bit annoyed that my husband no longer comes with us. Don't worry dear, I'll pray for your soul while you sit at home and watch movies or play video games.) I got sucked into a Bruce Lee and Chuck Norris movie that Bryan was watching. To be fair, the movie was really bad. It had to have been from the 70s based on the color of the picture, the super cool clothing and the general awesomeness of the movie. So how did I get sucked in? Well, there was a commentator that made observations about the movie as it went to commercials and when I heard that there would be some chest hair ripping, I was hooked. You see, just before the movie went to commercial, it was revealed that Chuck Norris had more chest, shoulder and back hair than Austin Powers. I'm sure I've mentioned my fascination with removing mutant hairs from Bryan's ears at least a few times. Well, the lure of seeing Bruce Lee ripping chest hair off of Chuck Norris was too much for me to resist. I found the scene to be rather amusing, and Bryan thought it was pretty funny that I decided to sit and watch the movie because it included hair removal.

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  1. glad you remembered it! sounds like a reasonable reason to get sucked into watching such a movie; I always get sucked into those movies on the SciFi channel with monster spiders, etc. I "swear" I won't but then find myself sitting with husband trying to figure out who will live and who will die