Monday, November 9, 2009

Hmm...I forgot what I wanted to say.

I'm finding with increasing frequency that I can't remember half of the things I want to do or say. I'll pick up the phone and call my mom or best friend and realize once they answer that I don't recall why I even called them in the first place. And now, I'm finding that this not so lovely phenomena has spilled over into blogging. Yay!

I know I had something moderately interesting to write about, but at the moment I can't figure out what on earth it could possibly be. It's sad, really, because a primary function of this blog is for me to chronicle the funny little things I encounter in my life as Mommy. Perhaps I'll remember soon what it was that I have been meaning to write for almost two days.


  1. doesn't that just irritate you?? I fear its a sign of aging :(


  2. The most interesting things happen on the days when I have absolutely no time to write about them!