Thursday, September 24, 2009

Small Successes--So long Summer

Celebrating the little things in life that add up.
I have to say that I'm in shock that Summer has passed us by. I woke up on Sunday morning to 40 degree temperatures and was in a mad scramble to get weather appropriate clothing selected for me and Ellie since we had to head off to the first day of Religious Ed.

1. I survived my first class as kindergarten catechist. There were a few bumps in the road (wrong activity was copied for my class which screwed up my lesson plans like you wouldn't believe), but we survived, and by the end of the class several of my kids wanted to spend the day with me. It took nearly 15-20 minutes to get the children to even speak to me. I'm pretty sure you could hear crickets off in the distance. I can still remember what each child looks like (even the very similar looking fraternal twins) so I think on Sunday I'll know who everyone is. That will be a major success for me. I'm terrible with remembering names. I even get my own kids mixed up.

2. I swapped out the girls' Summer clothes for Fall this week. That is no simple task! I had to make sure I left enough Summer clothes in case we get hit with some really hot days. Doing this for Ellie is a tad complicated. I have to dig through bins of Madeline's hand me downs and figure out which things fit. I also have to rummage through those bins to see if I can coordinate some of the new clothes with the old ones to save a little space in the closet and a little money, too. I just discovered this morning that I have polka dot tights from Madeline that match the cute jumper I just got Ellie yesterday at GAP, so I can now go and return the $9 tights I got yesterday that we clearly don't need. I even discovered a few tops in the hand me down bins that go perfectly with two adorable skirts I got for Ellie at Children's Place yesterday for next to nothing.

3. I got all of the Christmas presents that have arrived at my house, so far, wrapped and hidden away where little eyes will not find them. I also ordered Ellie's big present (it is supposed to arrive today) this past weekend. I have to buy a few small things for Ellie, and some stocking stuffers for both girls and I'm totally done shopping for them. I'm hoping to have all of my holiday shopping done and wrapped before Thanksgiving. It's a lofty goal, but I think I can do it. I brought all of my wrap and gift tags on clearance at Target this past December and January. I'm set in the Christmas wrap department for at least the next two years.

Bonus: I actually made baked BBQ chicken for dinner two night ago. I touched the raw chicken breast (I wore gloves) and even sliced the gross feeling chicken flesh in half since the breasts were too thick for our liking. So I successfully made one of my favorite childhood dishes. My mom and best friend walked me through the process and each of them called me while it was cooking to make sure everything was going well. It goes without saying that everyone was shocked that I made chicken. I think I could make this every week. I guess this cooking thing isn't so bad after all. I doubt I'll ever enjoy it, but I think I can handle making dinner. It's so much cheaper than take out.


  1. Coming over from F&F Live. WOW! Can I say that my jaw is on the floor? You are amazing! Switching out clothes is a chore in itself and I would consider myself supermom to just have that done, but Christmas gifts and religious ed?! Sorry to sound so gushy, but I am that impressed! Congrats. Your blog is fun :)

  2. I hate the constant clothes sorting. And I still don't know what I'm wearing to my first catechism class tomorrow because the weather goes from 50-80 in like 30 minutes!


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