Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I'm feeling politically charged

If there's one thing about me you should know, it's this: Don't dare to politically indoctrinate my children. It's an issue that I take very seriously. Don't presume to tell my child that our current President is great or wonderful. Don't tell her to come home and talk to me about his latest and greatest scheme to destroy our great country that members of my family have fought for since the Revolutionary War. In short, watch your step around my kids when you talk politics.

I got a call from my mom today asking me if I heard that Madeline will likely be forced to watch a speech from Mr. Obama on her first day of school. It just gives you the warm and fuzzies that you can only get from a Communist or Socialist party. I'll be calling the school tomorrow and asking if I can opt my child out of the brainwashing session. The school already did it's best last year to tout Obama as the new god. Of course, once my child was made aware that a certain someone is in favor of killing unborn babies, she hopped off the Obama-wagon.

Here are two lovely stories I picked up about this atrocity that will happen in schools across the nation on September 8th at 1pm EST. (I may be signing my child out early that day.) Click here and here to see them. The second link has a disturbing video of a teacher abusing her authority in the classroom. I can vividly remember going up against hard line liberal teachers as a young school child. This Republican didn't back down easily then and still doesn't.

And to top if all off, I find that good old liberal Ben and Jerry's has come out with a new name for their Chubby Hubby ice cream. In the past, little old lactose intolerant me, has supported them because they don't use milk from cows treated with rBST (artificial growth hormone). I haven't agreed with their politics for a while now. Something tells me my Ben and Jerry's ice cream days are long gone. (I can't tell you the last time I ate their rBST-free ice's been a long time.)

I need to go make sure my child who isn't even eight yet understands that as of right now, she still has the freedom to speak her mind. She understands propaganda and how it is used to brainwash people. She's been warned that the school may try to indoctrinate her again. (This bothers her, a lot.) I made sure my child understands that it is not unpatriotic to dislike or disagree with our nation's leaders. You can love your country and dislike the persons running the government. That's the beauty of a democratic free society. In four years, I hope all the freedoms I had last December still exist. For now, I worry that the very freedoms members of my family fought to protect are being threatened. I will do my best to protect the minds of my children in the meantime.


  1. I was playing Pink Floyd's "The WALL" for my kids all last week preparing them for the politically correct indoctrination that occurs even in Catholic schools. That was before the news came out about Obama's speech. I watched Fox News' special report on what goes into the kids' textbooks and they played a clip from the album as well.

  2. Much of the "history" that is in our children's text books is actually fabricated, distorted or biased. For example, Christopher Columbus is glorified over here but I'm told he's an embarrassment in Italy. Also, our schools generally fail to teach the children about all the bad things the Spanish did when they colonized. They tell the kids lies about our nations forefathers and act like it is the gospel truth. No, Washington did not chop down a cherry tree (let's call this propaganda from the 1700s to instill voter confidence). When I studied Political Science in college I was shocked to discover how many falsehoods I was fed from elementary to high school in the area of history and social studies. Just tell the kids the truth. It's that simple. Let them ask questions. If we don't learn history then we're bound to repeat the same mistakes they did.


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