Monday, August 31, 2009

There's nothing like a mother's love...

Of course, how you want to take that expression all depends on the mom, doesn't it?

I've got a mom who will tell you to be careful and it's like getting the kiss of death. As soon as she tells you to be careful or have a good time you know you are doomed. My brothers have gotten in car accidents after Mom has bid them to be careful. If she says have a nice day at school or work, you should expect something to go horribly wrong. Maybe you'll fail that test you were bound to ace or maybe you'll have the meanest customers ever.

So today I get a call from my mom. This is nothing new since my mom usually calls multiple times a day during the weekdays. Frequently my mom likes to call and talk at me and not let me get a word in edgewise. If I do get to talk, it usually isn't more than 20 or 30 words (very frustrating for someone like me who likes to talk a lot). So today she called and talked at me for 2o minutes and tried to get off the phone once she got all that she had to tell me out of her system. So I pointed this out and let her know that I wasn't feeling well, but thanks for asking.

Last night after spending the afternoon with my neighbors I started to feel rather poorly. I was achey all over. I was running a fever and my entire body hurt. So when I tell my mom this she cheerfully expresses that maybe I have Swine Flu. (Oh goody, can I?) She then goes on to tell me that lots of young people like me are dying from it. That's reassuring. Can I tell you how much better that made me feel?

Just a little heads up to those of you who read my blog. If suddenly I'm no longer posting up here, assume that my mom has done me in with her kind words and I have passed from the Swine Flu. (And here I've been under the assumption that I would die from Cancer or heat exhaustion.) I made sure Bryan understood that I'm not to be placed in a casket that has cheesy seagulls and the phrase "I'm going home...." inside. You'd better believe that I've had at least two relatives buried in caskets like this. No, thanks. I'd like a nice tasteful casket. I have nothing picked out to wear for my burial. Maybe the dress I wore for Madeline's First Communion and this past Easter. That looked nice on me. I also told Bryan that if I seem like I'm about to kick it, that he needs to make sure he calls a priest for last rites.

Here's hoping I don't have anything deadly. Hope all of you out there in Blogland are feeling well.

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  1. You have me worried now. I will definitely be checking your blog daily to make sure you are still okay!


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