Friday, August 14, 2009

Oh the joys of being left-handed!

Here's a fun fact for you today.  It's International Left-Handers Day!  I'm a proud lefty.  Over the years I've had to struggle to do normal tasks in a cold cruel right-handed world.  But, I've managed to adapt for the most part.  I cut right-handed since the lefty scissors were always crappy at school and very uncomfortable.  In school, that's where the south-paw finds out that he or she is an afterthought.  The right handed kids have the nice handwriting because they're not dragging their hand across their work.  In most cases, they even have the benefit of a right handed teacher helping them learn how to write.  Every teacher I had got frustrated trying to teach me to write.  And let me tell you, it's no picnic trying to teach two right-handed kids to write.

-Many world leaders are/were left-handed.  In fact, our current President is one of us (aside from being human, probably the only thing we have in common), and many of his predecessors have been as well.  
-Lefties tend to be more artistically inclined. (It's because we use the more creative side of our brain.  It's good to be right-brained!)

I'm off to the beach now.  I'd love to write more about being a lefty, but I have places to go, people to see.

SAHMinIL, thanks for calling this day to my attention!


  1. UGH! MY comment didn't get saved because I messed up the letter recognition :S
    I was saying that my sister is a lefty and I never wanted to sit next to her at the dinner table because we'd always be bumping elbows!

  2. I so feel you pain! :) My brother is a lefty too. So we always sat on the same side of the table together (seeing we both are lefties)....HATED IT! (who always wants to sit next to their brother)

  3. So fun! Loved this as my brother is a lefty. I wonder if my 13 month old will be too? She favors her left.

    Great post!


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