Saturday, February 13, 2016

Because I Just Had to Wonder

I tend to wonder about a lot of scenarios.  They always pop into my head as just random thoughts like: If I ran out of diapers while out and the baby needed to be changed what would I do?  They're almost always scenarios that could be likely but are probably highly unlikely.  Sometimes I have a solution for the situation in mind and other times I just push it away and pray that I never have to find out.  Today one of those scenarios I hoped would never happen, happened.

The scenario is: What would you do if one of your children vomit during Mass?  My initial panic reaction revolves around how I'm going to clean it up.  Our parish has hand dryers in the restrooms, so running to get paper towels isn't an option.  Fortunately for us, I had wipes on hand and it wasn't like crazy full out stomach virus caliber vomiting.  Anthony was asleep until the Gospel and we assumed all was well with him.  He woke up, was fussy, and seemed like he just wanted to go back to sleep.  Then he started acting like he needed to drink so I gave him his cup.  Seconds later we heard that cough that all mother's dread and my arm was suddenly bathed in vomit.

We didn't know if there was going to be another round so Bryan took Anthony to the back to the church to clean him up while I used wipes to clean up myself and any surrounding areas he may have hit.  Since Bryan came back about 5-10 minutes later and Anthony seemed like he was going to make it, we didn't have to cut out mid-Mass.  The homily was about temptation and I thought it was pretty fitting since I was pretty tempted to just get up and leave after the vomit incident.

So now I know how we would handle small scale vomiting and clean up at Mass, but I have no idea and I hope I'll never have to find out how we would handle something on a larger scale.

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