Friday, May 3, 2013

Quick Takes: Volume 67

A couple of days ago I went to the DMV to renew my license and was shocked at the speedy service.  Of course, it became not so speedy service when I asked to have my eye color changed on the license.  I'm not sure why I never noticed it, but my license said I have green eyes and not hazel.  For six years I had a great driver's license photo with a funny backstory.  Now I'm the owner of a shiny new license with an awful picture.  I guess I can join the bad driver's license photo club now.  Thanks NJ for insisting that I not smile in my picture.  And no, I won't be willingly sharing this picture with anyone.

Bryan and I found out that we have a new niece or nephew on the way last week.  I was really hoping to host a baby shower for the mother-to-be but after contacting the other aunt from our side of the family earlier this week I learned this morning that my offer was politely declined.  She and the baby's grandmothers are hosting the shower.   I thought I was planning way ahead by offering to throw the shower sometime this fall.  I guess they must have decided on hosting the shower as soon as they heard the news.  So I'm very excited about the baby but disappointed that I won't be included in the shower planning.  


Katie and tantrums are pretty close these days.  I'm not sure if this is the start of terrible twos or not.  She wouldn't be the first of her sisters to hit this stage at 18 months old.  She frequently seems to be of the opinion that I can't do anything right.  I guess she can get in line with the rest of the people who hold that opinion of me.


Soccer tryouts for the girls are done.  Now we just have to wait and see if Ellie made the team.  If she gets invited to join the travel team Bryan and I will have to sit down and seriously consider whether or not this is the best option.  Right now Bryan coaches Ellie for rec. soccer so he's at all of the games and practices.  If she moves to travel he won't be coaching anymore, which isn't a bad thing, but it means most Saturdays we will have game conflicts that will send Bryan and I in different directions for Madeline and Ellie's games.

Katie has learned how to open doors.  Sigh.  I don't recall the older girls knowing how to open doors until they were closer to age three.  The other day she was doing her best to open the door leading out to the garage.  Fortunately the door was too heavy for her and she couldn't open it.  I went and got some of those door knob baby proofing thingsthis morning to further thwart Katie's door opening attempts.  I'm sure it will be the source of many tantrums.

I'm inching closer to being done with VBS registration.  I have less than twenty spaces left to fill and I can call registration complete.  I can't believe I have only a little more than two months until VBS week is here.  Eeek!  I guess I should start focusing on Ellie's birthday party planning so it doesn't get pushed aside by the VBS craziness like it did the last two years.  Her birthday is the day after VBS wraps up, so I need to make sure I have everything planned before VBS happens.  We're doing an American Girl themed party this year.  Ellie is very excited about it and keeps suggesting different games and foods from this American Girl party book.

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