Wednesday, July 13, 2011

She's 6!

It's hard to believe that Ellie is now six years old.  It seems like only yesterday that she was just a little baby and now she's so old she needs two hands to show you how old she is.

I think her sixth birthday will be one that stands out in memories in years to come.  Not because we did anything spectacular today, because we didn't, but because it was simply a very stressful day.  My mom wound up needing gallbladder surgery and that surgery happened this afternoon.  My mom came through the surgery with no complications and is spending another night in the hospital recovering.

Today was also day three of VBS.  Things are running very smoothly there and for that I am very grateful. At VBS we had cupcakes for snack today.  My mom spent most of Monday making them while she was in severe pain unbeknownst to me.  Today the children and volunteers ate the adorable cupcakes she made for Ellie's birthday.  Most of the classes offered prayers for my mom.  I was quite touched by that and my mom was happy to hear it in the minutes before she was moved into pre-op this afternoon.

Ellie had a very happy birthday in spite of all the stress that was looming over me.  She had a blast with her friends at VBS.  Then she came home to an interesting present from Bryan's mother.   Wanting to make sure the birthday girl was happy, we allowed her to choose what she'd like for lunch and dinner.  We had happy meals for lunch and we went out for dinner.  She was surprised when the waitress and the other servers came over to sing Happy Birthday to her.  At home we [everyone but me*] had leftover cupcakes from VBS and opened presents.  She even got a phone call from her post-surgery MomMom wishing her a happy birthday.

I certainly hope that her next birthday is less stressful.  On Sunday we will celebrate her birthday with a party.  I look forward to what I hope is a far more relaxed day.

*I have the glucose tolerance test tomorrow and while I don't have to fast (I've never done this test without having to fast for 12 hours before) I've been warned by friends that eating lots of sugary stuff before hand can skew the results thus requiring the 3hr glucose test.  I'd like very much to avoid additional bloodwork.

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  1. Happy Birthday to Ellie!!
    Glad your mom's surgery went well,hope her recovery goes smoothly as well.


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