Monday, October 25, 2010


I think the stress of keeping up with the balancing act I've created for myself must be affecting my dreams or something.  I can't remember what went on this past Friday but it yielded a very interesting dream.

I seldom, if ever, dream about blogging.  It's just not that important to my subconscious, or so I thought.  I woke up around 4AM Saturday morning because of a dream I had about my blog.  Not this one, and not the one I created for my religious education classes, but my shark blog.  Yes, that's right, the blog of my dreams is a shark blog.
The girls and I in a shark at Epcot three years ago.

I haven't actually done a Google search to see if anyone blogs about sharks.  I'm sure that someone must have a shark blog.  I can't imagine why I even dreamt about a shark blog, let alone one that I created.

I told Bryan about it and he had quite the laugh.  He wants to know when I'll be starting up the shark blog. I told him I doubt it will be anytime soon, if ever, but he thinks I should just run with the idea.

Without giving the blog away (I know many of you are on the edge of your seats wanting to know more about the shark blog) everything about my dream blog, I'll give you some of the details.  The blog features a daily post about something relating to sharks.  Maybe it's a picture, or maybe it's a fact or interesting article.  The blog had a header and background that was created by me using photographs I took. (Imagine that!  In my dream world I'm a shark photographer, too!)

I'm still surprised that the blog of my dreams is a shark blog of all things.

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  1. Actually, you have a good idea there. Kids would probably love it. And it would be a great educational tool!


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