Thursday, October 7, 2010


I think on some level teaching religious education is a form of Purgatory here on earth.  I suspect on some level that the Catholic Church concurs.  Months ago when I got a copy of the New St. Joseph Baltimore Catechism for Madeline I noticed on the inside cover a little section that notes a plenary indulgence that is gained by teaching Christian doctrine.

Let me just say that I'm feeling a little frustrated with  Thursday night  baby sitting stint religious education class.  Am I wrong to expect third grade children to behave better than five year olds?  My kindergarten students know to raise their hand to speak.  They know to sit in their chairs and they know how to be respectful.  Why are the eight year olds incapable of behaving properly?

Since I spend two hours and fifteen minutes a week from September to May teaching religious education classes, not counting the time I spend imparting the faith to my own children, I suspect that I'm taking some serious time off of my stint in Purgatory.  And I thought teaching 7th grade CCD was rough!  I miss the 7th graders.

Thank your Holy Mother Church for recognizing that teaching religious education warrants an indulgence!

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