Friday, March 11, 2016

When One Ingredient Changes Dinner Plans

I was feeling very accomplished this morning.  I took Katie and Anthony to Target to get coffee for Bryan and to pick up the mozzarella and ricotta cheeses that we would need for tonight's dinner.  I came home, happily told Bryan that I'd be making one of his favorite meals, baked ziti, for dinner, and then forgot about that dinner until 4:30 when he came upstairs and asked if we were still having the ziti for dinner.

Arrgh!  This really is the story of my life.  I plan to make something for dinner and then, usually right around dinner time, I realize that I never actually made anything.  It's frustrating.  But today, I told Bryan not to worry, I could slap together a ziti and have it ready in roughly an hour.  It was looking promising until I realized that we also didn't have sauce.  Can't make baked ziti without the sauce!  Lenten Friday problem if ever I saw one.  I'm pretty sure I have a mason jar of sauce in the basement freezer but just thawing that would take a nice chunk of time.  I really do need to get better at planning these things.

Bryan and I ended up ordering take out pasta dishes for us, and since the kids won't eat pasta with sauce (unless it's baked manicotti, or ziti) we just made pasta at home for them.  I'm not sure what it is about Lent that makes no meat on Friday seem so difficult.  Year round we eat meatless meals on Friday, but for some reason those Lenten Fridays are fraught with dinner complications.

Next week I'll be ready with all of the ingredients!  I'll have to remember to double check that I have everything we need on Thursday.

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