Sunday, March 20, 2016

Engaging Vs. Sleep Inducing Lenten Reading

I told Bryan earlier today that I'm just going to stop taking book suggestions from the saints.  Two books in particular that were given high praises by saints have left me bored to sleep.   Several weeks ago I wrote about how disappointed I was initially with the book What Jesus Saw From the Cross.  I have tried and tried to keep reading this book hoping that maybe it gets better, but I'm finding myself less and less impressed with the book.  I feel like so much of what is in this book is conjecture and the author trying to make sure his readers know just how sure he is of himself and his ability to fill in the blanks that are not overtly covered in detail in the Gospels.  The book feels like a penance and I think after this afternoon I'm just not going to bother forcing myself to read it anymore.  I have plenty of other books that would be better for reflecting on Holy Week.

Now the other book I've been reading for Lent, St. Francis de Sales Sermons for Lent is a far more engaging read.  It is not a sleep inducing book and it is thought provoking.  You can read a sermon from this book and come away with a deep appreciation for whatever points St Francis was talking about, and it gets you thinking about how you are living your life and what you could be doing better.
I think Lenten reading should make you contemplate Our Lord's great love for us and help us to mediate on his Passion.  In short, it should draw you closer to Him, not bore you to sleep.

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