Friday, January 30, 2015

Book Review: Tell Me about the Catholic Faith for Small Children

I'm always on the look out for good books that help me to teach small children about our amazing Catholic faith. With two small children at home and a class of kindergarten religious ed kids, I love to find new ways to present the faith to them so it will stick with them.  With Tell Me about the Catholic Faith for Small Children, a wide range of what the Catholic Church teaches is presented on a level that I'd say is best for children ages three through six.

With small children the illustrations in the book are every bit as important as what is written.  The illustrations in this book are beautiful.  They're friendly and approachable illustrations that are vividly colored. The illustrations allow children to easily envisage what is being read to them in the text.  An older child could easily look at this book after having had sections of it read to him or her and be able to look at the pictures and recall what they learned.

The book covers a wide range of topics from Old and New Testament Bible stories, to Church history highlights, which includes introductions to a handful of well-know saints, and a section on what Catholics believe.  This book would give a young Catholic child a good foundation for learning the faith.  The bible stories are simply told and illustrated with several pictures each.  They're perfect for a short lesson which is great if you're dealing with short attention spans or are using the book in a classroom setting where you only have a few minutes for a bible story.  The Church history section covers from early Church history up to saints from our own time period.  The section on what Catholics believe covers the sacraments, with explanations of what each one is, prayers, Christmas, Easter, a trip inside a church and those who serve the church.

In many ways, Tell Me about the Catholic Faith for Small Children is the junior version of the Tell Me about the Catholic Faith book that is for children aged 6 and up which contains a wealth of information.  The book has a useful table of contents and index so you can easily find a specific story or topic.  The book is 93 pages long, so this isn't exactly a book that you're going to sit down and read cover to cover with a small child.

I really like this book and think it offers a great presentation of the Catholic faith.  It's a nicely done book that will appeal to small children with it's simply told stories and beautiful illustrations.  This book would be a great gift idea for a young Catholic child.

I was provided with a review copy of Tell Me about the Catholic Faith for Small Children by Tiber River in exchange for my honest review.

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