Friday, August 1, 2014

Book Review: I Forgive You

Well it looks like the author of Forever You has done it again!  Nicole Lataif's latest book I Forgive You is another beautiful book for young children with a powerful message.  About two years ago I reviewed Forever You and the book has been one that has been read to my youngest daughter countless times and has also been read to my religious education students and was even requested to be read again after the first time last year's class heard it.  After reading through I Forgive You, I know that this book will be a hit with the kindergarten crowd.

I Forgive You teaches children the importance of forgiving others and in cases where you can't forgive, going to God and asking for His help in forgiving.  The story has such a beautiful message that will help little ones to realize that no matter what we do God is always there loving us and ready to forgive us when we make mistakes.  The concept of forgiving and being forgiving is so important to instill in children while they're still very young and this book nails it!  I have no doubt that this beautiful story will touch many, both old and young who read it.

The book is geared to children ages four to seven, so pre-K through 2nd grade or thereabouts.  It's not an incredibly long or wordy story, so I think even younger children who are accustomed to listening to stories longer than a board book will have the attention span to sit and listen to it.  My two and a half year old happily sat and listened to this book and then spent some more time afterwards looking at the pictures.

The illustrations in this book are vivid and full of interest.  They're very nicely done and I like how the bold colors capture your attention without competing with the message on the page.

Very much like Forever You, I Forgive You is told in a rhyming verse style which typically goes over quite well with the little ones.  The repeating "Wherever you go, Whatever you do..." will stick with the children throughout the story and hopefully beyond.

I can see this book as being helpful in helping to prepare the hearts and minds of young children who are getting ready for first reconciliation.  It has such a soothing message about our God being all forgiving that it will be surely be a comfort to those children who might have some trepidation or concern about first reconciliation.

I certainly recommend adding a copy of I Forgive You to your child's bookshelf.  It is another excellent title in the Faith Foundations collection from Pauline Media.

I was provided with a review copy of I Forgive You by the publisher, Pauline Kids, in exchange for my honest review.  You can learn more about this title or purchase a copy by visiting Pauline Media.

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