Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Enough With the Snow!

I've never been a huge fan of snow.  Sure it looks pretty, but that's about the only good thing I can say about snow.  It's cold, it's wet, and it makes a mess.  Ever since I got in a car accident on a road covered with just a dusting of snow 13 years ago I have really disliked snow.  I used to have no issues with driving on snow covered roads, but it's something I try to avoid at all costs anymore.

Snow is adding so many additional days to the end of Ellie's school year, too.   This year was the first year since we've moved here that the school district didn't have built in snow days.  Two of them were wasted before Christmas for negligible amounts of snow.  And we've had one snow day called for snow that didn't fall and another snow day for a snowstorm that turned out to be rain.  It's maddening.  Oh, and we've had school on days where there enough snow that we should have had a snow day.  Some area schools have recalled some of the days off that were built into the school calendar, but our's has not.  It's frustrating since I know the entire month of June is going to be a struggle with poor Ellie having to go to school.  Madeline's school year will be finished about four to six weeks before Ellie will be done.  Add to that a newborn and I'm going to be going crazy in June.

It looking like we're going to have another snow day tomorrow.  We're in an area that is projected to get 6-9" of snow.  Argh!  I'm tired of looking outside and seeing white.  Every time the snow starts to melt we get hit with a drop in the temperature and another dose of snow.   I can't recall the last time I looked outside and saw absolutely no snow.  How bad is that?

Ellie is just one more snow day away from being in school until June 30th.  We're told that school won't go past June 30th and at some point the school board will have to either take away scheduled off days or come up with another solution.  I'm not sure if that means they'll lengthen the school day or add in something like school on Saturdays.  I keep telling Bryan that if we pull her out now and do a half year enrollment with Seton she can be done by the first week in June.  We're planning to homeschool her next year so why not just cut to the chase and do it now and salvage some of the summer?

Perhaps one of the most irritating things about all of this snow is the 5AM wake up calls from the school.  Lately we've been getting these calls and minutes later our neighbor from across the street takes that call as his cue to go outside and start shoveling.  There's nothing more irritating than listening to someone scrape the sidewalk with their shovel for forty five minutes at 5AM.  It's more than this cranky sleep starved pregnant mommy can take.

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