Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Five Things That Make Me Happy

Back yard science in pajamas!  Isn't homeschooling great?

The water was cold but Madeline was a good sport and volunteered to be in the dunk tank to raise money for the soccer club.  And since the tank had a window, she went under so I could get a few pictures like this one.

I love that she had a line of people who wanted to dunk her.  Some of the kids hit the target for all three of their throws!  I was able to dunk Madeline on my first throw.  If you ever have the opportunity to send your child into a dunk tank I highly recommend it!  I could use one of these in our back yard.

I enjoy watching Ellie play soccer, but I prefer cooler days.  We roasted on the sidelines at her game this past Sunday.  

I don't have a picture, but I was so happy when I looked at Ellie going into the school as I exited the drop off circle and saw her holding her friend's hand as they went into the building.  So sweet!  I wish I was faster with the camera on my phone.

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