Thursday, June 20, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real} School's Out!

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life...


While we waited for Ellie's bus to drop her off on the last day of school Katie played with Ellie's pink basketball.  Katie is rather fond of this ball.  To keep her from rolling it down the driveway and into the street I kept tossing the ball onto the grass and Katie would run and get it.  It was the toddler version of playing fetch.


I put a second grader on the bus in the morning and she came back a few hours later as a third grader!  She was so excited that school was done for the summer.

I was going through all of Madeline's papers and notebooks that came home for the end of the school year.  Most of the stuff went in the trash but I found a few gems that I have to save.  For some reason she got on this kick of drawing unicorn illustrations for her vocabulary words in language arts.  Click on the pictures to see the pictures and her funny sentences.  They're a riot.  I plan to have her do some vocabulary work over the summer so we can see more of her "unicorntastic" illustrations.
This one is horribly funny.  The word is bliss and apparently the unicorn is so full of "bliss" that it's oozing out the back.  I'm told it's a Hershey kiss. 

Every time I look at her illustration for claustrophobia I can't help but laugh.  She stuffed the poor thing in a box.  And there's just a single little air hole where you can see its eyes peeking out.  The language arts teacher must have thought she was an interesting girl with all of these unicorn illustrations.

I also like this drawing that she had to do for language arts when her teacher told them that they were no longer allowed to use "I think" in their writing.  I'm hanging on to this one as proof that she doesn't think sometimes.  She does, however, believe and I think that's pretty great.  This drawing also reminds me of something my mom used to say to us all the time when we were kids: "Don't think, KNOW!"  I always wondered how I was supposed to know if I wasn't supposed to think.

Katie laughed so hard when I found her hiding in the curtains.  I think she thought that there was no way I'd see her hiding there.

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  1. My second grader was big into drawing unicorns and horses this year. Must be the age. I know when I was 8 I wanted a horse. I even tried to convince my parents that we could keep it in the garage or basement.
    Stopping by from{p.h.f.r}

    1. It's my 11 year old who's into the unicorns. I'm really not sure where the fascination came from since she didn't start drawing them until this year. I do like her goofy looking unicorns. I think they're amusing.

      LOL at keeping a horse in the basement or garage! I used to lobby for a dog.