Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Ten Minute Tuesday

Ten minutes of what's on my mind...
Rachel Balducci started this Ten Minute Tuesday idea on her blog so I decided I'd join her.  Most of my blog posts wind up in my drafts folder these days because ten minutes simply isn't enough time when you have a million and one things to do.   At least that's how it feels these days.

Katie is teething and that means we're all being treated to lots of screaming these days.  Poor girl isn't very happy with those teeth ruthlessly tearing through her gums.  One of the bottom ones that was coming in is all the way through now.  So we're now waiting on three more teeth that are nearly in.  Once we get past this latest round of teething she will have eight teeth.  My baby is turning into a toddler with a lots of teeth.

I need to do some baby proofing.  Katie has been going around the kitchen and showing me all of the wonderful things in our cabinets.  On Sunday she drove me crazy going from one cabinet to the next for about 15 of the longest minutes you can imagine.  By the time I cleaned up one mess she had created two more.  When Bryan came home from picking Madeline up at youth group I was quite relieved.

I've had the hardest time finding new sandals.  Yes, I know that everyone else went sandal shopping nearly two seasons ago.  I'm a little behind.  We're going to Disney World in less than two months and I need new sandals that don't have torn up insoles.  My sandals took a beating the week of VBS.

I'm working on a schedule to keep the house clean.  So far my Mondays are going well.  I'm getting the bathrooms cleaned and taking care of the sheets and the laundry that need to be caught up after the weekend.  Now I need to focus on a plan to get the house dusted on a regular basis and some sort of solution [trash can, maybe] for all of the clutter on my kitchen countertops.

I'm room mom for Madeline's class.  I wanted the job for Ellie's class but I didn't get picked.  I'm praying that Ellie will make a few good friends soon.  Madeline, of course, has already made a ton of friends at school.

Speaking of Madeline would you believe she's letting the teachers call her Maddie?  I could have screamed when she told me that.  I refuse to call her by that name because we know several people who had golden retrieves named Maddie.  Grrr.

Time's up.  Look at that I managed to write up a blog post that I'm not going to review before I hit publish.  Now it's time for me to face the reality of my messy kitchen.

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