Monday, August 20, 2012

Bumbo Recall

If you have a Bumbo seat there's a recall on them that you'll want to check out.  Apparently several babies have fallen out of these seats and fractured their skulls.  I know when Ellie was a baby she mastered maneuvering out of this seat by the time she was five or six months old.  Katie never got a chance to throw herself from the seat since we stopped using it as soon as she could sit up on her own.

If you go to Bumbo's recall site they give you instructions for what you need to do to obtain the repair kit for the Bumbo.  They've added a seat belt, but based on how Ellie managed to get her self out of the seat, I don't think a seat belt will stop a determined baby from leaning to the side until the seat tips over. Personally, I wouldn't use this seat on an uncarpeted floor after what I've seen Ellie do.

As an aside, for as much as I don't like Wal-Mart, I have to say I'm very impressed that they sent me an email detailing the recall of the Bumbo seat I ordered from them last summer.  I've never had Target or Babies R Us email me about recalled baby items I've purchased from them.

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  1. Yes, I'm hesitant about the Bumbo, too. It helped so much before my daughter could sit on her own, but she could really move it.

    Just wanted to say that Target e-mailed me about the recall (I bought our seat there). So maybe everyone's getting better about this!


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