Thursday, January 19, 2012

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Capturing the context of contentment in every day life.


This pretty girl has been captivated by her Legos lately.  On Monday she brought herself one of the new girly Lego sets and she LOVES it.  Apparently mini figures that are shaped more like people vs. blocks, are a novelty with girls who are into their Legos.


I thought Ellie didn't like quesadillas all that much but she was so happy to be eating one tonight [Wednesday] that she insisted I take a picture of her with it.


You just never know what you're going to get when you aim a camera at Bryan.  



Katie is growing up way too fast.  Just before I pulled the camera out she almost rolled over from front to back.  Bryan and I are fairly certain the attempt would have been a success if the pink piggy hadn't been in her way.  I'm amazed at how well she can push her upper body off of the floor.

round button chicken


  1. Hi there... visiting from Like Mother, Like Daughter, and I just LOVE the pictures of your husband. What fun! :) And oh, your little girls are simply precious....


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