Friday, November 4, 2011

Quick Takes Volume 19

It's been 15 days now and I still can't shake this sinus thing that I got hit with right after the baby was born. Last night I broke down and decided to take antibiotics that I was prescribed in case it was strep.  I was told it was up to me after I got the negative result for strep as to whether or not to take it.  I'm also now taking the Mucinex that was recommended to me.  Now if I could just feel better I'd be thrilled.
I have fur all over my kitchen and entry way floor. Sweeping the floor has been on my to do list all week but I never actually get a chance to get the broom out.  Sigh.
I'm tired of soccer and all other extra curricular activities that my girls are in at the moment.  Three nights every week are jam packed with things to do and I'm feeling rather burnt out because of all the running around I have to do.
I feel like a total slacker because I have not sent out birth announcements yet.  With Ellie and Madeline I had them out before they were ten days old.  Katie will be three weeks on Sunday.
At some point I need to also send out invitations to Katie's baptism which is happening in just 22 days.  I also need to get pictures taken of her in her baptismal gown.
I'm on a futile quest to get the house clean.  Every time I make some progress the mess grows exponentially in another area of the house.  I suppose with three kids and a dog it's just not meant to be.
Katie slept for six hours straight last night.  I'm really shocked at how well she slept, but I wish her timing had been a little better.  She went from 8PM to 2AM.  Midnight to 6 would have been awesome.  Hopefully she'll get to that point soon.  I'm not going to thumb my nose at 4 1/2 hours of uninterrupted sleep.


  1. Hi Karen, I nominated your inspiring blog for an award today!

  2. Don't beat yourself up! Anybody would have a hard time keeping up with that crazy schedule. You're doing awesome! I can't wait to see the baptism pictures. I DID do that (I'm not a total deadbeat mom!)